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Movement Medicine ONLINE Research course with Yuki

This is an online research work with our bodies and movements for discovering "who I really am".

At the each session, we will focus a different theme with a different perspective receiving the "mystery" of BODY, MIND, HEART from own bodies.

from the connection between body and movement. This is research work.

Rather than depending on music, not being influenced by music, rather than being influenced by something outside, connect your focused perspective to your imagination with the power that comes from your own inner fountain of life.

Deepening the bond to a certain strength and serenity which is "unbroken".

Through the experience of the connection between movement and consciousness, you will be able to deepen your research and approach the question of "who am I?"

So much FUN to discovering!

Please jump in!


Tuesday 13:00-15:00 in CET



Online zoom


Schedule :

16th April ---- Inner Introception and outer interconnection

23rd April ---- Bridging between perception and imagination

7th May ---- Birth of body and life

21st May ---- Quarity of Fire and creativity

4th June ---- Tree people and Flower people

11th June ---- Poetry of body, movement and sense

9th July ---- Wisdom of YES and NO / Dancing Warrier

30th July ---- Encounter with inner wise elder

after these dates will be shown later on news letters by E-mail or on this website.


Language :

English and Japanese bilingual 




drop in --- 17 Euro

Monthly(2 sessions) --- 30 Euro


Cancellation Policy:

If canceled up to the day before, half price can be transferred to the next monthly fee.

Cancellations on the day cannot be refunded.


Payment :

Sending into Germany bank account

Through Paypal(added commission fee)



[email protected]





<< about the Facilitator >>

Yuki Lakshminarayani


She is a Movement medicine certified Teacher, a Spiritual Healer, an International Yoga Teacher and a Shamanic Worker.

She started teaching group exercises since 1997, and she has been giving healing as well for physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

In her unique Movement Medicine® class, she puts in her nature wisdom of Shamanic work as she is a grand daughter of a Japanese Shaman, and uses knowledge from long experiences of her skills such as Spirituality, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Dance meditation, Technique of family constellation, body works, Art therapy, and Butoh performance.

Sha is trained and initiated by some Shamans from Japan, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal and England, and has a motivation and passion to contribute  more with all resources.

She has held a lot of workshops and retreats in some countries around the world so far.

Through her soul mission, she supports people to harmonize body, mind, heart and spirit, as well as balancing Yin-Sacred Female energy and Yang-Sacred Male energy. And she assists people awakening "who you are", and the sense of " we are ONE, connected".

Website: https://beyond3.jimdofree.com/

Facebook: Movement Medicine Elemental Dance with Yuki

Instagram: yukilakshminarayani