Susannah Darling Khan

Movement Medicine® Founder

Meet Susannah

In this video, Susannah explores the question: "Why is Movement Medicine?" She talks about awakening the physical and simultaneously spiritual experience of being fully alive and how movement is a path for reconnecting with ourselves, with each other, with the natural world and the spirit of life itself.

Co-Founder of Movement Medicine

Susannah's life is dedicated to the quest for a world where beauty and compassion flourish. While navigating various paths including medicine, academia and organic farming, she recognised the transformative power of the interwoven awareness of moving body, heart and mind.

Dance emerged as the soulful pathway to embody this profound connection and to share her love of life. She has been teaching movement as since 1989. Susannah's background includes: Anthropology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, an 18 year apprenticeship with Gabrielle Roth (founder of 5 Rhythms) and Family Constellations.

A soulful Pathway

Susannah runs the School of Movement Medicine together with husband and co-founder Ya'Acov Darling Khan.

She is committed to making the healing power, depth and subtlety of Movement Medicine accessible to people worldwide, including via: the Movement Medicine Study Hub, online courses, 'in person' teaching, plus, along with Ya'Acov, deep professional Movement Medicine training.

Susannah's Embodied Listening work carries the signature of her profound yet practical approach to human transformation and evolution.

Movement Medicine Woman

Susannah brings a grounded presence of warmth, gentleness and safety alongside an unwavering commitment to clarity and visionary depth. Her unique magic lies in her acute sensitivity to what is present, skilfully following the trail towards what becomes possible. Susannah is acclaimed for her clarity, integrity, warmth, humour and visionary weaving of scientific, psychotherapeutic, shamanic and systemic paradigms. Her Exmoor ponies are mirror masters. With them, she is learning about the co-creative power of synergy which becomes possible when truly respectful communication is established.

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One to One Sessions

With Susannah Darling Khan
Working one to one, you can expect to be seen, heard, understood and challenged on the inevitable ‘blind domains’ that we all have. You will be encouraged to find a blend of kindness and fierce introspection.
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Why embodied listening matters

In this audio, Susannah gives some background about the power of embodied listening and why she see's it as so central to the joy and pleasure and potential of being alive.
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Why embodied listening matters
The Journey of Empowerment

The Journey of Empowerment

Body, Heart and Mind - what happens when we weave these 3 together? Here Susannah articulates the journey of empowerment.
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Movement Medicine

How to Awaken, Embody and Dance your Dreams
Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan

personal experiences

Susannah has an extraordinary capacity to accompany you to wake up the dream that will change your Life. Understand your future, look at the past and realise that the present is for changing the world from within your dream. Susannah is an incredible visionary and maestra. - Manari Ushigua
Thank you for seeing and believing in me in such a respectful way. I feel seen in aspects most people do not realise and without any hidden agenda. I feel seen in a way that helps me to learn to honour myself more and more. This is profoundly healing. - Martina Werthmann
From the youngest of ages Susannah has felt the call to serve this beloved planet of ours. A teacher with exquisite refinement, clarity and potency, she has a fierce commitment to bring a deeply embodied responsiveness to all she does…to come into communion with life with great care and love. - Alexandra Pope, co-founder of the Red School, England
Susannah is one of the most impressive teachers I have met. She combines authority, clarity, structure and respectfully invites participants into deep exploration, learning and healing - creating spaces that are so powerful that the simplest exercises can turn into a life changing experience. - Philippe Comunetti, Electrical Engineer, Basel, Switzerland