This is where you will find information about the Study Hub and how its membership system works.

I've forgotten my login credentials to the Study Hub, can you help?

Of course! Go to the login page, click "forgot password" and wait for the email to land with a link to reset.

What is the structure of the Movement Medicine Study Hub?


becoming a member of the Movement Medicine Study Hub gives you access to a rich library and resource of all our previous Lessons and practices. It means being part of a global village of learning, practice and sharing. Memberships are annual or monthly. Once you join the Study Hub, if you maintain your membership continuously, the cost of your membership will stay the same, even when prices go up.


Hub Mondays

The Lessons are the heartbeat of our Hub life. Each monthly Lesson focuses on a specific theme. Each monthly Lesson is made up of weekly Hub offerings:

  • 1st Monday: Keynote Video introducing the monthly Hub theme. Video (w sub-titles), Audio & Written. 15 mins
  • 2nd Monday: Refuge Live Class with the monthly theme. If you are there live you can connect on zoom or dance privately via the live stream. The recorded video is there for dancing in your own time. 60 mins plus (live) 15 minutes optional zoom sharing (not recorded) together with the teacher.
  • 3rd Monday: Mini-Embodiment Practice with original music and our guidance. Video & Audio. 15 mins
  • 4th Monday: Integration Enquiry: Questions and prompts to support integration. Audio and Written. 5 mins
  • 4th or 5th Monday: Listening Bowl a deep listening sharing held by Susannah or Ya'Acov or senior teacher. Live only.

Movement Medicine Online Ceremonies

  • Eight times a year, to mark the the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days, we offer seasonally themed 2 hours and 30 minutes deep dancing ceremonies. These are a space to let go, dance your socks off, embody your prayers for all you love and care for and send some strength and support to those who need it. Imagine the healing power we can create, dancing 4 life from where you are and connecting our hearts across the globe.
  • These ceremonies are open to non-Hub members. Information and tickets are available on Events. All Movement Medicine Online Ceremonies are free for Study Hub members.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes! You can cancel at anytime. Your account will be active right until the end of your last payment period.

Will the lessons and events be available as recordings if I miss a session?

Yes. All of our content is recorded and will be available for you in the library to enjoy in your own time as long as your Study Hub account is active and your subscription payments are up to date.

If I miss a lesson or event, will I fall behind?

No you won't fall behind if you miss a lesson or event. The Study Hub is designed in a way that enables you to go at your own pace and in your own time. You don't need to do the lessons consecutively and the content doesn't need to be engaged with linearly. You can dip in and out and you won't feel like you've missed something! All that being said, there's a depth that comes with committing to the practices regularly and moving through the journey together,  so that is what we encourage.

Do you offer a sponsorship option for those who can't afford a membership?

We acknowledge the real differences of circumstances world-wide. For those of you for whom our membership fee is beyond your means, please apply for a  sponsored membership.

Do I have lifetime access to the content?

You'll have access to this living library as long as your Study Hub account is active and your subscription payments are up to date. Over time, some of the older content will be replaced as it becomes irrelevant but we intend to build up the library over the years to come, ensuring that there are always ample recordings available for you to enjoy.

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