What is the apprenticeship program?

Are you ready to go deeper and put the embodied soul in the driving seat of your life? Would you like to take that journey with similarly committed people and with great guidance? Are you someone who wants to grow their personal power, take responsibility for your life and share your medicine with the world?

The Movement Medicine® Apprenticeship Program is both for those who wish to train with Ya'Acov and Susannah to teach Movement Medicine, and for those who wish to take a deep and sustained dive into applying Movement Medicine concepts and practice to their lives. It is an intense and demanding programme that provides a curated blend of support and challenges, guided by skilled Movement Medicine Professionals who have taken the full training path with Ya'Acov and Susannah.

The program invites participants to look at their lives as a creative project and to design their own intention for the journey. These have ranged from completing writing a book to making peace with their family. The intensity of the program allows for a total immersion in the practice, guided by your own chosen intention.

You can expect to be well met both by your Apprenticeship Guides and by your fellow Apprentices and you will be joining a circle of Movement Medicine Apprentices from around the world who are committed to standing up, growing up and playing their role in life to the best of their ability.

“You don't have a small part to play. You don't have a large part to play. You simply have your part to play, and if you play it, your life will have a meaning that you have dreamt of”
Lynne Twist

the program is for people who:

  • Integrate the practice, philosophy and application of Movement Medicine as ‘medicine for our times’ into their own lives
  • Embrace life physically, emotionally, conceptually and spiritually, with its depth, heights and mystery.
  • Make a difference in the world and walk their talk in all areas of life
  • Embody who they are in all aspects of their lives
  • Be part of a community of mutual flourishing and are willing and able to bring integrity, respect and kindness to self and others. 
  • Have a sense of humour about themselves and yet are serious about what they want to create in this life

Apprenticeship leaders

"The Apprenticeship program is a powerful crucible for meeting more of who you are. A deep journey of self with fellow committed individuals to give what you've got to give in this Life. It is our experience that this level of alongsideness and relationship is a potent force for deep personal change and transformation." David & Yasia

"Personally, I've never come across a journey that engages and reveals so much of the self on every level. For me, it is the medicine of our times : it brings clarity, strength and compassion for ourselves and others. It gives sense to our relationships and our place in the world. I'm delighted to offer this in France, accompanied by my husband Nicolas, with whom I created a school of dialogue with the body." Anne Ena Bernard

Upcoming Apprentiships

after completing, you may:

  • Apply to continue onto the two-module Professional Training  The next one begins in 2024. After the Professional Training, the next steps, after some time of practice, leads to Graduation. This can be enough in itself, or it can be the next stage of a longer journey, including CPD, for those who choose it. More about this here
  • Continue as a practitioner within the Apprenticeship community 
  • Go on your merry way wherever life leads you!

the path towards apprenticeship

To get the most out of your apprenticeship, it is important to feel adequately prepared. Below we outline the minimum prerequisites for the Apprenticeship Program, as well as recommendations for further preparation. Please feel free to apply if you are still missing a few courses but plan to complete them before the course begins.

prerequisites for the programme

  • Phoenix Retreat online or in the room (see below)
  • Initiation – An odyssey through the 9 life cycles (see below)
  • 175 hours of conscious dance practice: 
    Of this, a maximum of 75 hours can include related conscious dance practice such as Open Floor, Tamalpa Institute, Azul, the Amerta work of Suprapto Suryadarmo, 5Rhythms and Soul Motion. The remaining 100 hours must be Movement Medicine practice, of which at least 75 hours must be with a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher (or Ya’Acov or/and Susannah). Please log your hours!
  • Online Movement Medicine class hours. You can use: up to 20 hours of open online classes, up to 50 hours Movement Medicine Study Hub online learning and practice, up to 40 hours can be online closed small online ongoing groups or workshop format online work with Movement Medicine Teachers. 

Upcoming Initiations and Phoenix events

About the movement medicine study hub

The Movement Medicine Study Hub provides the opportunity for a deep and consistent way to experience and study Movement Medicine. You will learn and practice with the founders of Movement Medicine and also with guest teachers such as David Mooney, Anne Ena Bernard, Kristin Glenewinkel and Maaianne Knuth. This is good way to ground yourself in the conceptual understanding and embodied practice of Movement Medicine, get to know the founders, and complete many of your pre-requisite hours.

The doors are open

Apprenticeship is the way that Ya'Acov and Susannah learned. 18 years with Gabrielle Roth, 20 with Matthis Penta and many more with their teachers in the Amazon. Long-term learning and commitment are helped by being part of community. By joining an Apprenticeship Program, you will be welcomed into the global community of Movement Medicine apprentices, famous for its focus on individuality and the community being mutually enhancing. Are you ready to dance?

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
Martha Graham