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Welcome to our one to one and couples work. These sessions are to support you 'to find your ground, your power and your creativity to play your part in changing things for the better - your life, your relationships, your awareness of your place in life.'

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One to ones

With Susannah or Ya'Acov
Susannah and Ya'Acov support their clients to find their power and take responsibility for it. You can expect to be seen, heard, understood, and challenged on the inevitable ‘blind domains’ that we all have. You will be encouraged to find a blend of kindness and fierce introspection, supported to work in an embodied way, and will be invited to be interested in seeing your own part in any situations you are wanting to resolve or evolve. Ready to dive deep?
Individual Sessions

couple sessions

With Susannah & Ya'Acov
“Forging understanding, communication & kinship in the space between you defines our couple work. Sexuality and intimacy are linked. Both are deepened by working with the 'shadow marriage' which paralyses the flow of love. We won’t take sides but support you both to take responsibility. Through almost four decades together, we have developed a blend of skilled and compassionate guidance, empathy and humour. This has helped many couples to deepen their bond in all areas of their lives.”
Couple Sessions

dive deeper

These sessions are a rare opportunity to work one to one or two to two in the deep, safe and catalytic healing spaces they hold. They are not long-term therapy, but one off 'unsticking sessions' to help you to take an honest look at where you are, and empower you to take responsibility for the next steps in your journey; an invitation to become more lucid in the dream of your life.

personal experiences

In Susannah's deep, wise and loving presence I felt seen, heard and safe, and became conscious of patterns which were profoundly affecting my reality. Susannah kindly and firmly guided me to cultivate my own self-compassionate strength and wisdom and reminded me that I knew my way home. The way Susannah weaves mind, heart and body wisdom together is truly masterful. - Carrie Branovan - Photographic Artist, Movement Medicine Professional and Coach
You were amazing in that therapeutic role. I have rarely seen a level of emotional intelligence quite like it. Your insights and reflections really stuck with me. It is clear that you personally have deeply "done the work" and it shone through during our sessions. Thank you! - Charlie Morley - Lucid Dream Teacher, and Best-Selling Author
My work with Ya'Acov has been characterised by depth, presence, and sacred leadership. Ya'Acov's wisdom and encouragement has deeply impacted my life. Over the past 2+ years, his role as an Elder has left a mark, empowering me to show up more fully for myself, my relationship, my new role as a father, and as a leader of my community. I have become a more self-aware and embodied man. - Mike Salemi - Men's Coach & Performance Specialist