Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Movement Medicine® Founders

The Space Between Us

Ya'Acov and Susannah introduce their "Forging Understanding, Communication & Kinship (or F.U.C.K for short 😉) work with couples. The tangible sense of love and stronger-than-ever attraction between them is the result of using the effective relationship skillset which they have developed during their nearly four decades of committed relationship together.

Not just a marriage

Susannah and Ya'Acov's relationship is not just a marriage – it’s a spiritual practice rooted in the shared purpose which is manifest in Movement Medicine. For many decades, they have navigated the tumultuous sea of blame and counter-blame that seems to epitomise the dance between women and men. They got together in their early 20’s and, young and idealistic as they were, they could never have imagined what a journey they were setting out on. At times, their relationship has resembled the well-known yet little understood battle between feminine and masculine.

Taking responsibility

Nevertheless, though they danced on the edge of relationship collapse many times, they remained committed to shattering the chains binding them to that age-old conflict. This has meant each of them being willing to take responsibility, over and over again. Not pretty, but deeply liberating. Now, in their fourth decade together, they are living in the harvest of all that effort. They have helped each other to be who they are, take responsibility for their histories, ultimately, enter a realm of relationship they never knew existed.

Real Intimacy

The Darling Khans hold a profound belief that developing emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy is the key to relationship. This emerges from self knowledge and self acceptance, receiving the other and supporting the other to shine - acknowledging the burden of broken hearts and subconscious narratives we inevitably carry with us into our relationships. Once the honeymoon is over - the dance of the ‘shadow marriage’ begins. If we can find compassion, courage and skill then this challenging dance, rather than bringing more devastation, can be a gateway to mutual healing and liberation.

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Sessions for Couples

With Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan
We offer sessions for couples who are ready to give up the blame game, take responsibility for their 50% & enter the realm of relationship as spiritual practice. Sessions are challenging but life-changing.
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The roots of Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine emerged from the space between us - from our quest to find or to found a healing modality that could help us humans live in peace with ourselves, each other and life. Here are some of our own personal stories about how we found the dancing key.
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The roots of Movement Medicine
After the Honey Moon

After the Honey Moon

In this interview, Ya'Acov and Susannah talk about their relationship which they describe as 'the deepest spiritual practice they know.'
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personal experiences

Gorgeous leadership ... YOU are a teaching, individually, together. Yin. Yang. Holy union. Blessed balance. Thank you, it is a total joy to be in your generous embrace. - Melissa Michaels - Soul Widwife, Movement Educator, Artist, Author
Susannah and Ya'Acov's have decades of experience as an authentic, creative and down-to-earth couple. They are masters at creating a safe and supportive framework that allows one to perceive oneself as a co-creator of the couple relationship with its richness and challenges, to express oneself to others and to dare new things. - Jörg Püschel - Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist
I wanted to thank you both for all you have given me in the last years. It has changed my life tremendously. I feel as if I have awakened from a deep sleep. I have come home. So much healing. I now am able to laugh and smile again about myself in a kind way. I know I can do this thing called life. And I even have something to give back to this miracle called life. - Gabriella Melone - Classical singer, Voice and Feldenkreis teacher
I listened to your words and ... after years of resistance towards being incorporated here on this planet, bouncing to and fro between bearing a hidden grudge against god for putting me here and completely denying that there is any god ... I suddenly realized how incredibly beautiful and what a wonder creation is. This realisation was not only in my head ... it was visceral. - Nicole Strübin