Everyone is welcome

We welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, social classes, and people with diverse abilities and physical capacities within the parameters of self-responsibility laid out below.

We recognise that there are many different starting places, gifts and different types of pain that stem from each of our backgrounds. Movement Medicine aims to be a space where you can remember your resources, develop your gifts and attend to the pain.

Movement Medicine is not a religion. We do not claim that our work or perspectives are “the truth”. This work is a useful and evolving roadmap for standing up, taking responsibility for our lives, and making medicine from our individual, family and ancestral stories. Our commitment is to support you to discover your medicine and encourage you to share it. Our school is a learning organisation, which is itself continuously evolving as our understandings of the inner and outer worlds develop.

Self Responsibility

Movement Medicine is a powerful and catalytic practice. It supports people to, as Gabrielle Roth put it, 'transform their suffering into art.'

In order for you to benefit from this work, you will need to be able and willing to take responsibility for yourself, emotionally, physically and psychologically whilst travelling through some deep experiences on the dance floor. Sufficient internal and external support systems need to be in place or put in place as the work deepens.

Movement Medicine offers a methodology for embodied learning and self-development. We don’t claim to be able to solve the challenges, difficulties or dilemmas of your life. We offer practices and perspectives that can empower you to take responsibility for your life in the context of a supportive and respectful community.

Movement is the medicine and this medicine comes from the integration of your body's innate intelligence, your heart's emotional intelligence's and the consciousness that comes from focusing your mind through movement.

For those many people in the modern world whose histories mean that being in the body feels unsafe and overwhelming, we recommend developing core strength alongside taking the journey slowly. Often, individual support from a professional such as a psychotherapist, is helpful. We recommend that participants get the support they need.

It is the responsibility of participants and longer-term students to be upfront about their history and any related concerns or pre-existing life challenges when applying for a course.

Discover your Path

Wherever you begin, the Path describes the Movement Medicine journey from Beginner to Apprentice to Professional and beyond.