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Welcome to the Movement Medicine® Path. On this page you’ll find all you need to embark on a journey of empowerment, creativity and purpose. Whether you’re just beginning, or already seasoned in your practice, this Path is for those wanting to learn the art of dancing with whatever life brings, as Practitioners, Apprentices or Professionals.


Personal Journey

Let's Get Moving
Whether it's joining the Study Hub, finding your local teacher or taking an online course, your journey with Movement Medicine begins by getting up close and personal to the beat. Wherever you're at on your journey, Movement Medicine will meet where you are and take you as deep as you want to go.

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The Study Hub is an online learning community featuring Ya'Acov and Susannah's most up-to-date, cutting edge teachings. Join the Hub to access weekly Movement Medicine practices and an extensive library of resources. All live sessions are recorded for you to enjoy in your own time.
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Find Your Local Teacher

All of our Movement Medicine Professionals are trained to high standards. What a feast! Enjoy!
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Attend a Workshop

You'll find a spectrum of unique offerings here, each one a jewel based in the teacher's own experience and artistry. At the same time, each one is grounded in the coherence of Movement Medicine philosophy and practice. Enjoy!
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Complete an Online Course

Our online courses are self led with recorded lessons and our online workshops are held as live events with a closed group over a period of time. All study hours count towards the Apprenticeship Program & Professional Training. Explore our library of courses below!
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Apprenticeship Program

Integrate the Practice & Philosophy of Movement Medicine
Apprenticeship is a sustained dive into applying Movement Medicine concepts and practice to your own life. It's for those ready to make a deeper commitment to being who they are and learning more about what's theirs to give. The Apprenticeship is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to train to teach.

Apprenticeship prerequisites

These are the prerequisites for participating in the Apprenticeship Program.
Next available Apprenticeship Program
Discover when the next Program begins and learn more about the Apprenticeship program, precise prerequisites and our Apprenticeship Leaders.
Become a Movement Medicine Apprentice
Join the community of Apprentices and dive deep with your fully trained Apprenticeship Leader.
Design Your Apprenticeship Project
The Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Program has a clear curriculum. Alongside this, you will be guided to design your personal 'apprenticeship project' - this is what steers your journey.
Integrate Movement Medicine into your life
A mentor will be assigned to you to help you to stay on track with your apprenticeship project. They will also support you in meeting the inevitable challenges of taking such creative responsibility for your life.
Complete the Apprenticeship Programme
Continue your journey by integrating all you have learned into the dance of your life as a Movement Medicine Practitioner.


Professional Training

Become a Movement Medicine Teacher
Professional Training teaches you to use the principles and practices of Movement Medicine to hold space for other people to grow, develop their medicine, and flourish in their lives. These skills are transferable to other professions you are already trained in.
Once you are an Apprentice, you can think about applying for the next Professional Training with Susannah and Ya'Acov. Professional Trainings take place on average every two years.
Train with the Darling Khans
Our Professional Training is open to those who have completed the Apprenticeship Program. Applicants for the Professional Training will also need to complete the Embodied Listening self-study course. Our next Professional Training begins at the end of August 2024.
Begin offering Movement Medicine
At the end of Module 1 we will discuss your plans with each one of you. For some of you, this will involve beginning to teach depending on your previous experience. All Professionals need to be members of the Movement Medicine Association, and to to be in ongoing supervision.
After completing a minimum of 120 hours of teaching, you and your Professional Mentor can put you forward for graduation. This step requires presenting your work to Susannah and Ya'Acov, completing a community service give-away, and completing your graduation project.

Continued professional Development

Our Continued Professional Development Program teaches you to offer the advanced MM practices.

become an apprenticeship leader

For those who complete the CPD Path, offering your own Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Program becomes a possibility. We are delighted that this is already so and we envision that in time, there will be Schools offering the full Movement Medicine path in different parts of the world.