Over the decades, we have found it increasingly important to find ways of honouring the basic shamanic principle of reciprocity and giving back to the spirit of life that sustains us.

This page tells you how we do that.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
Maya Angelou

The Summer Long Dance

The Summer Long Dance is the essence of Movement Medicine. It is our annual not-for-profit Movement Medicine ceremony to give thanks to life. Since it began, the ceremony participants have raised over £800,000 for many extraordinary projects around the world in the name of the Long Dance. Even if you cannot make it to the ceremony, you can be part of it by sponsoring the fund raising efforts of one of the dancers or by giving directly to our central cause, Fundación Pachamama (see below), or a project of your choosing.

Fundacion Pachamama

Fundación Pachamama is the Ecuadorian based NGO, brought into being by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador and Peru. It has fought an extraordinary David vs Goliath battle to protect the peoples of the forest, their cultures and traditions, and of course, the forest itself on behalf of us all. Fundación Pachamama is the central project that we invite people to raise money for in the Long Dance. Through them, we are deeply connected to the indigenous people that lead the organisation.

The movement medicine sponsorship fund

The Sponsorship Fund believes that everyone who is marginalised or disadvantaged should have the opportunity to experience the profound benefits of Movement Medicine®. The Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, set up by Ya'Acov and Susannah many years ago, is now a UK registered charity run by Trustees who are independent of the Founders and the School of Movement Medicine. 

It raises funds in order to support marginalised and disadvantaged people worldwide - who would otherwise not be able to afford it - to have access to workshops, training and retreats. It prioritises funding socially and economically excluded people, and those living in areas affected by poverty, conflict or disaster. Click on the image for more information on the Fund and click the button below the video to donate.

Trees for life

Trees for Life is an extraordinary project whose purpose is rewinding the Scottish Highlands. Over the years, we have planted well over 1000 trees in the Movement Medicine Grove.

The Movement Medicine Grove is dedicated to the aims of 'Trees for Life' and to our Apprentices, Professionals and all who have danced with us over the years. Each tree that is planted is planted with this prayer:

“May all that you dare to dream come to be in happiness, blessing and joy for you, your families and for All Our Relations. ”
Ya'Acov and Susannah

Other Projects

As well as all these projects, we often do events as Fund Raisers connected to global events that give us opportunities to give back. Recent projects we have raised funds for include The Parents Circle and Combatants for Peace.

We tithe a percentage of our income and support The Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, Survival International, Save the Children, Friends of the Earth, the NSPCC, Save the Children, Water Aid, Ethiopiaid, the World Land Trust and the World Wildlife Fund.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank