Loes Velter's Spotlight

Loes Velter
Besides teaching weekly lessons to adults, I have recently started dancing with a group of people who suffer from Parkinson's disease. For 7 years I shared Movement Medicine with children from the age of 4...
13 July 2024
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Nicolas Bernard's Spotlight

Nicolas Bernard
I serve people holding the fire of creativity and needing to be stronger in their body.... looking for permission and security to express themselves fully and sensitively. People having a need of understanding of what...
27 June 2024
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Keef Wesolowski Miles' Spotlight

Keef Wesolowski Miles
As a Movement Medicine teacher, Soul Mentor and poet, to support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life, I bring my ongoing experience as an evolving human being and student of life, wife...
19 March 2024
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Anna Sierpowska's spotlight

Anna Sierpowska
A passionate practitioner (her) working with years of experience in assisting people in transformation as a certified Movement Medicine teacher and therapist. As an artist and space holder I work with the intention to open...
21 December 2023
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Kristin Glenewinkel's Spotlight

Kristin Glenewinkel
I am based in Basel, Switzerland. I am trained physiotherapist, yoga teacher and coach/mentor. My understanding of the body supports my work and guidance in the dance as well as in individual sessions and rituals...
17 November 2023
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Maaianne Knuth's spotlight

Maaianne Knuth
I am a Social Innovator working in Southern Africa. I am co-founder of Kufunda Learning Village where we work to help people and communities learn how to bring forward the wisdom of the whole
10 November 2023
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Lynn Campbell's Spotlight

Lynn Campbell
Lynn Campbell - Movement Medicine teacher, dance artist and Movement Psychotherapist living in Northumberland, UK.
23 August 2023
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