Nicolas Bernard

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
1Who and where are you?
I am a man coming from an active mind. I tried to understand the world by science, and then dance came. I've learned a lot about how to meet again this body, and the language I found is poetry. I live in France, Bask Country. My wife Anne Ena is my first master and I teach a lot with her.
2Are you a teacher and/or facilitator? When did you train? When did you graduate?
Teacher and Facilitator. I trained in 2022 and graduated in 2023.
3Who do you serve with your Movement Medicine work?
I serve people holding the fire of creativity and needing to be stronger in their body.... looking for permission and security to express themselves fully and sensitively. People having a need of understanding of what the body is telling and clarity on how to use the mind.... coming to restore the confidence and solidity of belonging to a community, which they find in the Apprenticeship in which I teach, support and assist Anne Ena in her leadership.
4What is the meaning of this work for you?
Being on this earth as human beings is not an easy thing. We have a fantastic instrument called body-heart-mind with plenty of creative possibilities... but we are immature, we don't know how to use this gift of nature. Movement Medicine is a way to balance the complexity in us, to learn focus, commitment, heart, to open the power of our imagination... to learn how to live!
5Please tell us about two recent precious moments you’ve experienced in your professional Movement Medicine work.
Close to the end of AP9, as all participants were harvesting in the dance their whole journey, I saw them as high level artists, full of wildness, tenderness and creativity. Tears came to my eyes - I had in the room the vision of the humanity I have been calling for in my heart! Also, there are all those marvellous tiny moments where bodies surrender to their own weight.
6Please tell us something about when you recognised that Movement Medicine was going to play an important role in your life.
It was this spring, when I was taking part in the Spring Dance, that I looked back and contemplated all that I had achieved. Far beyond my initial personal intention to grow in integrity, I discovered the meaning of belonging to a community and a supportive field of energy. I felt proud, honoured and touched to devote so much of my life now to bringing dance as medicine to the world.
7The thing you find yourself saying most often to your participants.
Move! Use your mind to ask questions or to open gates, and then immediately move, catch the feeling, trust this is the beginning of the answer, keep focus, let it grow, give it heart and let imagination come. This is the language of the body.
8If you had 9 words to say anything you wanted to the world, what would it be?
Don't waste your time asking yourself who you are.

Spotlight Audio

On Poetry & Transformation

Favourite Track and Why?

Electro version of Vivaldi's Cum Dederit. For me this music expresses the intensity, wildness and sacredness of life.