1Who and where are you?
A passionate practitioner (her) working with years of experience in assisting people in transformation as a certified Movement Medicine teacher and therapist in Poland. As an artist and space holder I work with the intention to open transformational spaces for leaders' and peripheral environments (prison, small communities). I am teaching radical authenticity as a pathway to freedom and the full spectrum of life.
2Are you a Movement Medicine Facilitator or teacher or both? When did you train and graduate?
I am a Movement Medicine Teacher AP 3 / PT 3. I trained from 2014 to 2018 and graduated in 2019.
3Who do you serve with your Movement Medicine work?
My work is designated to open the field of safety and free expression - authenticity of Life in many diverse forms. I'm in service to the one entering the portal of self medicine recognition, and opening the soft shells of the longing heart. I honor the living Earth in all forms of Life. I will be running a Movement Medicine Apprenticeship in Poland. Watch this space 😉
4What is the meaning of this work for you?
I found safety in being vulnerable, powerful and free in the MM community. This brought my authentic blend to the medicine I'm carrying - “if all of You fall apart - stay present. Move On.” This is strong medicine - I'm here to dance it. My organic quality is PRACTICE to honor LIFE cycles wisdom.
5Please tell us about two recent precious moments you’ve experienced in your Movement Medicine work.
ECHO - part of Movement Medicine practice - the ecstasy of silence, after the dance. Woman brings honey and songs as payment for the class, asking bees to allow her to pay for the dance as she needs it for life.
6Please tell us about a moment when you recognised that Movement Medicine was going to play an important role in your life.
My personal journey with Movement Medicine is a pathway to freedom. As a child I could not speak, sing, run, or dance. I met my dance at Ya'Acov’s workshop in 2006 - freedom in simple movements. He said - “You are the artist, create Your dance, create your life”. Here I am. Its full spectrum life change, and the energy of the medicine dance portal is powerful and demanding body-heart-soul and mind presence.
7The thing you find yourself saying most often to your participants
Don't shake it off - this immediate need of relief is the death end. This is the act of radical love to stay in place of discomfort. Shake it inside. Slow down. Don't stop. Slow down. Keep breathing. Follow Longing of Your Heart. Don't stay too long in one comfortable place.
8If you had 1-9 words to say anything you wanted to the world, what would it be?
All wisdom of life is written in your bones.

Favourite Track and Why?

Opening body and following longing of the heart. It's my dancing prayer for now.