1Who and where are you?
I am based in Basel, Switzerland. I am trained physiotherapist, yoga teacher and coach/mentor. My understanding of the body supports my work and guidance in the dance as well as in individual sessions and rituals I hold. A long training of the mind and heart in Buddhist meditation practice deepens my ability to hold space with compassion.
2Are you a Movement Medicine teacher, facilitator or both?
I am a teacher of Movement Medicine. I trained in 2012-2013 and graduated in June 2016
3Who do you serve with your Movement Medicine work?
I serve all people - no matter what age or gender- who are curious in movement and exploring their own body language, heart and Gestalt. Open classes, weekend workshops and intensives. I hold special events for women and ongoing journeys through the year for women. Recently I work with young adults in clinical, therapeutic setting.
4What is the meaning of this work for you?
Movement Medicine offers a deep and safe space for innate movement to emerge. The work helps to overcome the divide between body and mind and to establish dance as spiritual practice - fully embodying the living heart. Anchored in stillness - Movement Medicine welcomes you and me as humans on this spiritual path on earth with love. We learn to embrace challenges with acceptance and grow with intention.
5Please tell us about a precious moment you’ve experienced recently in your professional Movement Medicine work.
While I was holding space last week I witnessed the dancers weaving through the space and moving as one flock, each one in their own dance and at the same time related to the other dances happening and corresponding with each other through body, breath and beat. It was a wonderfully orchestrated time of connection.I felt my whole body nourished by the togetherness in the space. At that point in the session we were actually dancing with the ancestors. It seemed like some ancient intelligence of moving together had entered our space and came together with the many years of practice and the heartfelt connection over the arc of time. Still feeling the sweetness of this nourishment in my soul.
6Please tell us about a moment when you recognised that Movement Medicine was going to play an important role in your life.
I was fascinated by dance and remember a dance workshop with Susannah Darling Khan, when she traveled over the floor, showing us how to flow. When I felt my heart body and mind humming while I witnessed her, I knew: Movement Medicine will be my passion & path and my profession. How important flow & letting go is - not only mentally but physically! I found my wings, my roots and my heart - infinite connection to earth and sky.
7The thing you find yourself saying most often to your participants.
Keep your body moving, remember you are free in all directions, let your feet carry you and discover the space and the dancers around you. Allow your breath & sounds to flow through your body.
8If you had 9 words to say anything you wanted to the world, what would it be?
Allow yourself to surrender. Be carried by mother earth.

Spotlight Audio

This is a short excerpt from Kristin's album Klangkörper - four MM journeys to dance along...

Favourite Track and Why?

Walk With Me - from Beneath the Raven Moon This song is sensual, invites you to move and rock your body, melting into movement.