Nicolas Bernard

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
Based in Aquitaine, France
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Professional Training 2022
Graduation 2023
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Formats Offered

Nicolas Bernard

He is a former student researcher in the field of neuroscience, passionate about mind-body relationships and understanding consciousness.

He continued to explore this field outside of academic science.

He has been an osteopath and a naturopath. He as been dancing for over 20 years with his wife Anne Ena.
With her, he co-created "Les Neuf Souffles", an approach and a school of dialogue with the intelligence of the body that combines alchemy, symbolism and poetry. He has written two books on the subject.

He joined Movement Medicine, which promotes the spirit of dance as a way of changing our dream of the world. He is alongside Anne Ena to offer the Apprenticeship program she gives in France, as well as Initiation and Phoenix retreats (see her profile :

In his practice of MM he particularly invites poetry and metaphorical perception of self in the dance. He believes that this is the true language of the body.
He offers specific trainings to learn the keys of the langague and the alchemy of the body. See his website.

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I trained as a Neuf Souffles teacher with Nicolas Bernard. He is a teacher who offers a clear, stable and reassuring framework. He has a presence, a neutrality and the right distance that I find deeply respectful. I love his choice of music and his inspiration for guiding the dance processes. He oftenly expresses himself in poetic language and the effect is powerful. The atmosphere of his teaching is jovial, muscular and effective. He has a knack for playing things down with humour and letting the horses go. - Patricia Vienne - Neuf Souffles teacher - fasciatherapist