David Mooney

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Wicklow, Ireland
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2009
Professional Training 2011
Graduation 2013
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2017
Phoenix CPD 2018
Initiation CPD 2019
Apprenticeship CPD 2022
Apprentice Leader
Formats Offered
Intensives (Phoenix Initiation and Residentials)
Rituals and Ceremonies

David Mooney

David embarked on a long term deep apprenticeship and colleagueship with Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan and the School of Movement Medicine 20 years ago, he was a School of Movement Medicine School faculty member for 8 years and has been pathfinding on the Apprenticeship Leadership program since 2022.

He teaches Movement Medicine extensively throughout Europe and in the Americas, including weekends, residentials, Phoenix retreat, and together with his wife, Yasia, Initiation and the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship program.

He is also a fully qualified Psychotherapist with 20+ years experience. He has professionally trained in psychodynamic, person centred psychotherapy. He also has 12 years experience in Somatic Psychotherapy. More recently he has trained in Internal Family Systems Level 1 and 2 and weaves this deeply effective and compassionate approach into all his teachings.

He also trained in Polyvagal Theory and Practice with Deb Dana. This Polyvagal understanding deeply informs David's teaching. He integrates these skills and passion for shamanic pathways into his work. David has been on a 7 year deep journey with the Redpath and his Lakota Sun Dance teachers in Sioux Valley, Canada

David teaches this dance because he loves this practice, it has thoroughly changed his life and he loves to share this work. He is fascinated by our capacity as human beings to heal and how we can transform our wounds into medicine for growth and deepening self acceptance so we can be more fully ourselves and give all that we have to give in this lifetime for the benefit of all life.

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‘’David is such a genuinely kind person with a big heart. He holds a gentle and safe yet firm and steady container for the process. He is very knowledgeable and capable, yet humble, open and willing to learn more from his students. He is a gifted and generous guide. What a profound adventure of waking up the whole body and discovering the unique dancer within you, always there waiting to be found. Dare to journey...’’ - Sonja Joy, Athlone, Wicklow, Ireland