Sun 3 Nov - Tue 12 Nov 2024
OWC, la Ferme du Bois-le-Comte, Bois-le-Comte 1, Orval, Belgium, 6823 Villers-dt-Orval

9 day intensive with Rosie Perks and Ben Yeger

Initiation is a resourcing, adventurous and sensitively held 9 day exploration of our journey through life. Supported by good companions and expert guidance enabling a strengthening of our relationship with ourselves and life.

The focus of this journey is two-fold:

  • To bring recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude for life’s journey;
  • To help us learn from the crunchy and smooth of our personal histories, so we can understand ourselves better and establish more ground to act from choice rather than compulsion as we step forwards.

During the retreat, we will work with the nine cycles of the life journey: conception, birth, childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, old age and death.

Through Movement Medicine and other body based practices we will explore the landscape and archetypes of each life cycle, acknowledging what has been, bringing understanding and learning where we can, particularly to any challenges we faced. In the transition between adolescence and maturity, we will spend time on a mini vision quest to gain insight for our adult lives. We will then invoke death as a teacher to remind ourselves that our time here is short and precious, enriching our understanding of what really matters to us as adults and elders.

The intention of this retreat is to bring acceptance, love and compassion to the journey we have experienced so far and recognise what was initiated in us with the resources accessible at that time. Giving acknowledgment to important initiations from a place of more resource and offering ourselves what we might have wished for but did not receive. To then dream into our future as encouragement for our present selves.

This 9 day retreat is an opportunity to update and strengthen our relationship with ourselves and life. So we can re-enter the world and our communities better equipped to support that which brings life, connection and kindness.

This intensive workshop counts as Initiation pre-requisite for the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship and Professional Training