Lemogang Matlhong

MM Professional
Based in South Africa, South Africa
MM Qualifications
Initiation CPD 2018
Phoenix CPD 2019
Apprenticeship 2019
Professional Training 2020
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Formats Offered
Afternoon classes once a week

Lemogang Matlhong

Lemogang is a Movement Medicine Apprentice from South Africa. She came the practice through Lesaka La Basadi, an autonomous space for self-healing and transformation. Women who experience/d violence converge with the aim to reclaim, rebuild, reinvent, maintain, and take control of own lives – own being.

Lesaka caters for women living in various townships, informal settlements, peri-urban and rural settings, in the main. Majority are unemployed, in or dropped-out of school, in or in-between low paying jobs and or other “hand-to-mouth” income generating creativities. South Afrika at its margins. A complex multifaceted set of conditions that incessantly beckon women of all hues once forms of structural and inter-personal violence threaten or hit home.

Through her professional practice she has been able to assist with supporting others utelising Movement Medicine as a resource for their personal transformation.


+27 742565946

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