Reuben Darling Khan

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Devon, United Kingdom
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2019
Professional Training 2021
Formats Offered

Reuben Darling Khan

Reuben has grown up surrounded by the wonderful, weird and profound culture of the dance. Some of his first memories are of sleeping underneath the Dj booth as his parents lead dancers through the rhythms and rollercoasters of the work.
He has found his passion and purpose in supporting people to "experience the gift and magic of life through the physical manifestation of being in a body".

He trained as a chef from an early age and more recently as a Functional medicine health coach as well as a Movement Medicine teacher and has studied the ancient wisdom of different indigenous cultures mainly of the americas. He is a musician and Dj and has had the privilege of spending much of his life in service to ritual spaces.

Having many different strings to his bow he is finding his way of threading it all together into a body of work that connects people to their vitality, to their essence and purpose and to the majesty of life.


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