Solange BRELOT

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Aix-en-Provence, France
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Professional Training 2018
Graduation 2021
Formats Offered
Open classes
1 day workshop
Businesses and institutions

Solange BRELOT

It’s her passion for dance that brought Solange to Movement Medicine. Often shy with words, the dance space was her place of expression and pleasure. Choosing to keep dance as a leisure, she trained in Business Management and worked in Supply chain, Finance Controller and Strategic Project Manager for 15 years before meeting conscious dance.

She likes to use dance as an introspective tool. Softly driving dancers through a deep exploration of body sensations allowing them to naturally find their personal way of moving. She teaches through guidance and music but also through coming to dance in the space.

She proposes dancing spaces for individuals wishing to reconnect with the body and explore emotions to feel more alive, connected and free. She also proposes workshops in companies supporting employees with stress, emotions and interpersonal relationships.

Upcoming Events

Très beau partage, échange. Cela fait du bien, aller à la rencontre de soi même, de toucher ses limites accompagnée par une belle guidance. Merci Solange, très beau cadeau à s'offrir pour se faire du bien... Very beautiful sharing and exchange. It feels good to go meet oneself, touch our limits in the company of a beautiful guidance. Thank you Solange, very beautiful gift to offer oneself to feel better - Anne Puig