Fri 22 Mar 2024
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm (CET)
Różana 4, Wrocław, Poland
English and Polish - polski
Anna Sierpowska: Click to Show Email or +48 607460970.
This event ended on Fri 22 Mar 2024.

Movement Medicine Ceremony - Poland - in different cities Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdynia

and Warsaw with Marta Dratwa Wasyłek / co-teacher. 

Movement Medicine Ceremony it is a time when we can slow down for a moment to look at our path. It's a time when we can consciously focus on ourselves and make adjustments to our inner plan. 

It's a time to meet with ourselves. This dance is an opportunity to embody that moment, within us that is right now. To look at those qualities that are on the surface and, in concentration and relaxation, embrace them with tender attention. Ceremony is also a time to define or refresh one's intentions and dreams. To ask oneself new questions and to listen, to empathize with the answers that emerge.During the gathering, joining together in a dance, a safe space, we give space to all that wants to be expressed, that cries out for attention, that wants to be embodied. Without judgment or evaluation. We stand in the truth as it is just today.

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🌳WROCŁAW, 22.03.2024 location: Bakara, ul. Różana 4, Wrocław time 18.00 - 21.30

🌳ŁÓDŻ 23.03.2024 / place: Akademia Body Mental, ul. Łąkowa 11, Łódź / time 18.00 - 21.30

🌳GDYNIA 29.03.2024 / place Ogród Kreacji, ul; Bernadowska 9, Gdynia / time 18.00-21.30

🌳POZNAŃ / to be confirmed

🌳Donation: Suggested donation is 150- 350 PLN (donate as much as you feel you want and can for this moment )

Movement Medicine ceremonies have a strong and holding space. It comes from the tradition of community accompaniment to the most important events of Nature and Life. It is an accompaniment of listening, seeing and praying in a dance that often tells a story of struggle, but is also a prayer and a request, a story of living life.

Witnessing, intending and being in touch with that which is greater than us are the pillars of Ceremony

Ceremony is an action for the benefit of all things - for the benefit of the community - and individuality. It's a common prayer and common action that's why in each ceremony at least part of the money is dedicated to charity - with my work I support the project LAS FOREVER foundation which buys land and plants Forests Forever - biodiverse and managed by nature. They cannot be cut down and are located on land that is supposed to be a forest area forever. Because they are supposed to grow forever. For us. For future generations. For the Earth.

Equinox time is an important time for many of us of starting new projects, making new steps, allowing for new to come. 

I'm letting you know that if you need individual financial arrangements feel free to call. If you can contribute more to support community activities we highly encourage it.

You can support the ceremony even if you cannot attend in person by sending your intention to our contact email [email protected] , you can also make a donation. 

All intentions will be present during the ceremony, and then burned in a ceremonial fire in the forest afterwards.