Fri 23 Aug - Sun 25 Aug 2024
DesingNature, Poland
Polish - polski and English
Anna Sierpowska: Click to Show Email or +48 607460970.

Join us for a unique event - the Movement Medicine 24 Hour Ceremony - a dance gathering of the Movement Medicine community in nature, for a celebration of life and all our relationships.

We come together to dance together as a group, cultivating a sense of community and strength in shared activities. This event is charitable in nature - in this we combine the power of our hearts and actions with the common intention of powering the power of rebirth in and around us. In this Ceremony we strengthen through movement, breath, rhythm, prayer and the power of community and the support of the elements and living nature in the midst of which we will dance.

An important aspect of this gathering is its community dimension. We invite you not only to participate, but also to actively co-create this gathering. On the spot, we will share established roles related to the preparation and care of the Ceremony space in order to strengthen the community through interaction.

🌳 TIME: 23-25.08.2024

🌳 PLACE: DesignNature campus, Sobole 21-307



Anna Sierpowska, Marta Dratwa-Wasyłek, Tatiana Cichocka, Maciej Witt & friends

🌳Musicians: Anna Patynek, Michal Kaza, Bogdan Wasyłek, Wojciech Wieconkowski & friends

🌳Donation: 750-1200 zl.



- arrival, landing, bonfire, sauna, being together

23.08 FRIDAY

- official start of the event, dance, division of roles, common preparation


- beginning of the ceremony, ceremony

25.08 SUNDAY

- end of ceremony, joint cleanup work, official end of the event

☯️ Donation includes:

- participation in the 24-hour Movement Medicine ceremony

- simple, basic meals (lunch and dinner on Friday, light breakfast before and after the ceremony, soup on Sunday), as well as fruit and drinks during the ceremony

- possibility to pitch a tent, come in an RV or stay overnight in a multi-person room on the floor (on your own mattress/mattress) from Friday to Sunday, access to sanitary facilities

- unlimited access to nature

For an extra charge, it will be possible to arrive early (on Thursday) and leave later (on Monday) with food, as well as use the sauna on the river - details will be announced closer to the date of the event.

It is a tradition of the Movement Medicine community to celebrate the most important energetic moments of the year together, in a shared space, meditation and movement. This time we will come together to celebrate the end of the

Each time, the proceeds from these Ceremonies go to a charitable cause, to feed the energy of our intentions, dancing and prayers and money to a specific cause.

Expanding on this tradition of our community, we will use part of the money raised to cover organizational costs, which we minimize as much as possible, and donate the entire surplus to four selected charitable causes.

☯️ This year we are supporting:

@Foundation Forest Forever - We plant and protect forest ecosystems

@Foundation International Movement for Animals - Viva! - We fight for horses, dogs, cats and other animals

@Blue Line - National Emergency Service for Victims of Family Violence

@Local Community in SOBOLS - supporting the needs of the land and its residents

Closer to the event, we will invite you to indicate to which of these organizations we should allocate the money from your contribution.

In addition, we encourage you to increase the power of our collective action and make a donation of any amount to one of these organizations yourself. Inform us of the donation you have made (send us a confirmation of your donation) so that we can know the scale of our joint support. The collected amounts will be made public after the event. Together we can do more!


The gathering will take place at the DesignNature campus, which is less than 2h drive from Warsaw, between Lukow and Radzyn Podlaski. It is a place with soul, on a beautiful historic park and manor grounds. We will be hosted in a more than a hundred-year-old wooden manor house among old trees, refresh ourselves with baths in the river, bask in the sauna, jump over the fire under the starry sky. Overnight accommodation is possible under a tent, in an RV or on the floor in one of the spacious halls.


#Anna Sierpowska - teacher, medicine woman, I draw my energy and knowledge from years of practicing and training Movement Medicine, performance and authentic movement and 5Rhythms, Ma-Uri Bodywork and fascial massage, Laban Bartenieff approach, I am a certified Movement Medicine teacher (practice of conscious movement and presence). A student of the Certified Training in Bioenergetic Analysis accredited by the Florida Society for Bioenergetics Analysis. Through immersion in movement, I seek radical acceptance.

#Marta Dratwa-Wasyłek - certified Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator, Gestalt psychotherapist, coach, personal development trainer, business consultant. She has been practicing and studying various forms of development, healing and personal and systemic transformation for 20 years. She has experience of several hundred hours of developmental work with groups and individuals. Certified and under supervision of School Of Movement Medicine and Institute of Integral Gestalt Therapy in Krakow.


#Tatiana Cichocka - a woman of many gifts and professions. Devotee of words and their meanings, journalist, copywriter, author of the book "Tales Undressed". In love with the transformative power of touch, movement and body work. Co-founder of the Academy of Awakened Femininity and multidimensional soul therapy, somatherapist, Movement Medicine teacher. Teacher of huna, lomi and Hawaiian shamanic arts, mentor, spiritual traveler, karmic detective and Indian Jones of multidimensional spaces, lightworker, sister, mother, wife(ex) and lover, feminine of power and powerlessness. Consciously on the path of development for 26 years. Loves working with people, supporting women in reclaiming their own power. She conducts workshops, ceremonies, meetings, circles, spiritual journeys, mainly to Egypt, where she intermittently spent the last few years, and to other places of power. She is passionate about exploring and connecting worlds.

#Maciej Witt - I have been fascinated by movement since childhood. Kinesthetic conditioning makes movement my primary language, my passion, my natural form of communication. In my world, movement, in terms of frequencies and vibrations, makes reality begin to operate in another dimension; it ceases to name and describe-as words do-and becomes an active, creative co-creator combining everything in one and one in everything.

I have been interested in dance for nearly 20 years, I am a Movement Medicine teacher, I graduated from the Level II Life Flow Healing school and Foster Perry shamanic school, I run my MM practice and men's groups. Lover of surfing, freeskiing and the woods. Proud dad of 3 daughters. Passionate about life and death. Aloha