Rosie Perks

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
Based in Devon, United Kingdom
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2009
Professional Training 2011
Graduation 2013
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2017
Phoenix CPD 2018
Initiation CPD 2019
Formats Offered
Ongoing groups
Drop-in sessions
Weekend workshops
Intensives and retreats
Community ceremonies
Online courses
One to one mentoring and support
Professional mentoring

Rosie Perks

Dancing has been an integral part of Rosie’s being from an early age, she first discovered dance as a practice through 5 Rhythms with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in 1989 and has continued ever since. In 2006 they launched the School of Movement Medicine and she began her voyage into Movement Medicine with them. Rosie worked closely with Susannah, Ya'Acov and Roland from the inception of the school, supporting bringing it into being and getting it out into the world. She is also a former member of the School of Movement Medicine faculty.

Rosie has many years experience teaching movement internationally. From 1998 she and her husband held movement groups and workshops in New Zealand. In 2002 she returned to the UK to have their daughter and care for her mother which put a pause on her teaching, she began again in 2011. As one of the first cohort of trained Movement Medicine teachers she developed her work on the pioneering edge of the practice.

Rosie holds ongoing groups, teaches weekends, deep intensive workshops, and drop-ins at several community collectives. She has worked deeply with the core practices of Movement Medicine for all this time and developed a particular expertise with the heart maps. She offers programmes and retreats for moving with grief as a messenger of love and agent of change, requiring connection and safety with strong heart awareness and care.

Her teaching is underpinned by 35 years of dance practice interwoven with an understanding of our shared humanity. She gently encourages the emerging voice as extra support for the body in motion. Weaving in the kindness and inclusivity brought through trainings in the systemic modalities of Internal Family Systems and Processwork.

Rosie works as a professional mentor for Movement Medicine, the WildWise training programmes and other individuals. She also supports people one to one, using the tools of IFS and Processwork along with the somatic practices in her Movement Medicine toolbox.

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“Rosie creates an incredibly safe space, which allows participants an expanse of self-discovery above and beyond what may be anticipated. This is made possible by Rosie’s deep exploration over the years into her own heart spaces, she brings an authenticity and vulnerability in her facilitation. As such, a door is opened through which we can follow to explore the foundations of our own hearts” - Jen Levin, Doctor and Movement Medicine Professional