Grace Greuner

MM Professional Teacher
Based in La Gomera, Canary Islands
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2014
Professional Training 2016
Graduation 2021
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Formats Offered
2 hour evening classes every new and full moon
Week long residential workshops
4 day Intensives

Grace Greuner

At the age of 30 Grace heard the call to dedicate her life to the path of healing and awakening. She left her career as a journalist, studied alternative medicine, became a homeopath and focused her life around meditation and the experiment of living in community. When she met Ya'Acov and Susannah she felt a genuine resonance with the essence of their teaching: How to transform your wounds into your medicine. There it was: A way to bring her purpose together with her passion: Dancing.

Grace has been holding conscious dance workshops since 12 years. As a MOVEMENT MEDICINE® teacher she weaves together the threads of her lifelong learning.

For the past 25 years, since her son was born, Grace has been co-creating and managing the intentional community and holistic retreat centre Argayall, nestled in the wild nature of the Canary Island La Gomera. Immersed in this environment, the elements have become her greatest teachers. She believes in the healing power of reconnecting with them and with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Therefore one of Grace's core offerings are her MOVEMENT MEDICINE Moon Dances, which take place every new moon and full moon.

Another important focus of her teaching is to empower young people to awaken their inner dancer and find purpose and meaning for themselves.

Grace is deeply committed to bringing the sacred back into our lives. She learned to trust her capacity to invite spirit into the space and developed a great talent for creating ceremonial settings, her altars are always a beautiful support for the dancers. With the compassion and wisdom of an elder and the fire of a dancing warrior, she holds a safe space for people to explore movement and dance as a journey of personal transformation and experience community as a true support in the process of healing.



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Dancing with Grace for a week was a fantastic and life changing experience. Grace knows what she’s doing. I felt a deep trust in her from the first moment. She manages to create a safe space in which it’s easy to surrender to what comes up, dance with it and transform it. I felt Grace constant loving presence and awareness of where I was in this process. With her passion for dancing, the shamanic drums, warm voice and rituals to connect to the elements she opens the gate to the world where magic is happening. - Sarah van de Beek. Government manager