Bernadeta Zyla

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Scotland, United Kingdom
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2016
Professional Training 2018
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Formats Offered
Weekly and monthly classes
Weekend workshops

Bernadeta Zyla

Bernadeta made Scotland her home 20 years ago and here she discovered her love for dance as a spiritual, creative, healing and liberating practice.

Bernadeta loves holding space for people and sharing the dance, the simplicity of movement, breath, exploration and joy.

Dance brings her… closer to free, as well as cold water swimming and being in nature. She loves creativity, art, playfulness and bringing joy. She believes that joy is a necessity in our ever-changing and challenging reality. This is why she has a great interest in healthcare clowning and the power of laughter.
You can also find Bernadeta wandering with her camera, looking for birds and the little miracles of that which is life ... often in a company of a dog!

And last, but not least, Bernadeta believes that everything is danceable. Come and give it a chance, lose yourself to dance.

Upcoming Events

Love Movement Medicine with Bernadeta. Best time of my week and clearly best 2hours of tuesdays. It always surprises me how tired I could be before the session and how invigorated and relaxed I am after the session. The wonders of Movement Medicine dance. - Kamila