27 October 2023
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This poem is about a lot of my experiences attending Movement Medicine classes, in particular Susan Dalziel's Monday night class.

It’s about how dance helps me process emotions and challenges in my life, become more embodied, discover more safety and pleasure, as well as continually reacquaint me with the wisdom of my intuition. It also helps me not be so at the mercy of my chit chatty brain!

Dance in these moments becomes its own language, and this poem is trying to convey this language and the fruits it brings to my life, body and mind.

Movement Medicine

I dance with all the funny little senses
In my head  
I dance with all that I suppress
I dance until my cells 

I dance with the minds inescapable mess
Dance until at least something makes sense
I dance with my seductiveness 
I dance with my sex

I dance with the many faces of truth 
the darkest light inside, the habitual stoop
I dance in the flames of this desire for you
This overwhelming desire for you

I dance the chaos in a slow unfolding 
I dance with new stories and with the old 
I dance with 
Holding on and letting go
Holding on and letting go

I dance with my dad and how I miss him so
I dance with this little girl slowly finding home
I dance with my mum and her missing touch
I dance into the Delphic pulse 

Let's dance with whatever is within
Whatever is stuck, let it, let it, let it spin 
Let's dance with I don't know what's happening
Dance with still
Receiving, recieving, recieving 

I dance with everything and no thing
Just vibrating expression 

Let's dance with the hurt 
dance with the shame
dance with our thanks 
Until we are amazed
Let's dance until we're

Let's dance until there's less separation 
Dance our sound in the great conversation 
Dance into the spaciousness

Let's dance until the sense of self fades
But we are so full all the same
listening Dance to let the body speak

Ria Bronte 2023

Ria Bronte

Ria Bronte Smart is 23, works in Admin for civil engineering to fund weird and wonderful adventures; writing, singing, dancing and moving into deeper connection with life.