21 December 2023
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After the intense journey between my graduation and the CPD ‘Heart and SEER' with Ya'acov and Susannah and the amazing community of Movement Medicine professionals, I return turned around, dedicated… and full of quiet gratitude… a rare feeling for me for whom experiencing gratitude first evokes the sensation of danger, the fear that by recognising the value of what others bring me, I will be 'caught', that my soul will be taken hostage by the bond created by gratitude.

By kneading these fears with dance, I was able to recognise the value of the link and the great sensitivity of this space. We have a fundamental need to belong, and belonging is the place of our greatest wounds… In this sensitivity, I recognise my growing medicine. From a body abandoned to the flow of movement and spontaneous connections, I found myself loving this community.

I thank Susannah who had the good sense to call me "Mister Belonging" after my graduation… I now realise the depth of those words.

During those days spent dancing with the pain in my back and the difficulty I had in relaxing into belonging, I found myself feeling completely dedicated to helping it grow. I felt that my whole soul was at the service of this Movement Medicine and all those who wear it. I felt love enveloping me and giving me direction.

From the plane that carries me from its wings to my tribe, where I write these words, tears flow from my eyes like unexpected rivers.

I love.

I love the dance that has taken me like inexhaustible medicine despite the pain of my axis. I experienced the infinite energy of rebound. After hours of dancing, I jumped from free space to free space, joyful and loving and friendly.

I'm grateful to Anne Ena, my wife, who passed on to me her dance and the joy of bouncing… this woman who drew me into the Movement Medicine community in spite of myself, a community of crazy dreamers convinced that dance is going to save the world, that dancing is the best thing we can do on Earth today. I felt that the world of spirits on this Mesa welcomed my medicine completely, without separation. I know who I am, I know what I'm carrying, I know what I'm serving.

In the airport, between delays and missed flights, I went to pray in the shared prayer room. Surrounded mainly by Muslims bowing to the ground, I silently repeated the Latin chant that Susannah had taught us, so that peace would be in our orbit. I loved those exchanges of gaze, those kind words exchanged with the other prayers. As a Movement Medicine teacher, I felt honoured and welcomed by the spirits of all the religions gathered here, in this space of transitions, of simple humans travelling the world.

I returned home with my medal as a certified teacher. Borders are breaking down.

I love and feel loved.

Tomorrow, Anne Ena and I will be embracing those of our Neuf Souffles teachers who wish to join us in the Movement Medicine community. I pray that during these days of training with us, they will feel included and welcomed, and that they will realise, as I do, how much they are already part of this Mesa, how much Movement Medicine has been an integral part of our teaching for over 10 years now…

Nicolas Bernard

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
He is a former student researcher in the field of neuroscience, passionate about mind-body relationships...