Tue 17 Aug 2021
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm (UK Time)
This months hub lesson focuses on the Future Gate.
This event ended on Tue 17 Aug 2021.

The Future in our Hands

Each Study Hub lesson explores a gate from the Movement Medicine Mandala. The Hub's monthly lesson structure is made of weekly practices available for members every Monday. You're welcome to join the Hub anytime and no prior Movement Medicine experience is required. All live content is recorded and available for your convenience.

Your relationship with the future is an important aspect of your life. Of course, the future is not a thing. It's always just a set of possibilities. But your relationship to it strongly affects how you orientate in the present.

For indigenous people, a vision of the future is a guiding light in life. If I can have a sense of where I and we are heading, then my actions today have more meaning and purpose if I align them to that vision. This is an important counterbalance to the apocalyptic visions we are surrounded by in the modern world.

Having a strong vision of the future in which we humans have evolved to recognise our right place in a thriving and renewed web of life can support us to keep putting one foot in front of the other on our journey through life when the going is tough.

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