Sun 7 Jul 2024
11:00 am - 2:00 pm (CEST)
My Turn Studio, Euckenstraße 15, München, Germany, 81369
German - Deutsch and English
This event ended on Sun 7 Jul 2024.

Traditionally Sunday is a priviledged day where we give ourselves and our loved ones the gift of time and attention. A day for nurturing our relationships: to self, other, community and beyond.
Some go to the church. Others stay in bed. Let's dance!

I invite you to gather on Sunday late morning for a gentle communal somatic, dancing journey guided by the practice of Movement Medicine. To give our time to ourselves through bringing our Love into the body.

Love is a somatic experience. Let's cultivate it! Let's co-create a space/time to practice love in and through the moving body.

How that will look like

After a short moment to connect and land with the group, you will be guided into a dancing inquiry into the state of your relationships: to self, others, and community. How loving can you be in feeling all this? Giving space to everything that needs to be felt. And moved.

We’ll conclude the journey by a little ritual of breaking fast together - sharing some food - and wishing each other a good sunday afternoon.


Bring a little food offering you would like to share with others.

Please arrive between 11:00 and 11:10 and let yourself land in the space. Come sober and if you feel like it without having had breakfast. Hot herbal tea will be available.

Feel free to bring your journal and favorite pillow/sheepy to have your comfy corner.
Come sober! No psychoactive substance allowed. You might also want to refrain from 'softer' ones like coffein or cacao.

All guidance will be in English. With here and here a few words of German.

Movement Medicine is a movement meditation practice inviting us to embrace the human experience more fully. The invitation is to give shape to every thing that is felt and allow movement to weave a sense of connection. More about Movement Medicine:

About the faciliator (Adrien Labaeye): Over and over I make the experience that the body in movement offers a great gateway towards connection: to myself, to others, and to other realms of perception. I am a coach and faciliator tapping into various somatic modalities (Movement Medicine, Temple Arts, Pantareï Approach, Embodied Intimacy) to support people in coming back to themselves to show up to the world with the love and aliveness.

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