Adrien Labaeye

MM Professional
Based in Schwabbruck, Germany
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Professional Training 2018
Formats Offered
Evening journeys

Adrien Labaeye

I define my role as being a transformation catalyst. I fuse an acute intellectual understanding of transformation at the individual and collective levels, with strong presence in the body and a wide open heart.

My Movement Medicine journeys are packed with life force. I invite you to reconnect deeply to your purpose on this planet and bring it into (e)motion. Every journey leans more on the side of ceremony than a class. Expect a deep somatic enquiry into who you are and what you are doing with this precious life of yours.

I support my clients in activating their life force in service of life. In order to do that, I love opening spaces of vast permission where our shadows can fully come into the light.

Themes I mostly work on: Foolishness, Sexuality and Eros, Power, Money, Purpose, Grief, Global Transformation.

Some of the other trainings that enrich my work:
- Doctorate in Geography at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
- Participant in the Embodied Intimacy Training (somatic education on relating)
- Assistant at the Samothraki Temple Training (soul initiation)
- Assistant in The Field Facilitator Training (somatic facilitation)
- Pantareï Professional Training (somatic coaching)

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