Sun 30 Jun 2024
11:00 am - 1:30 pm (CEST)
Gesundungsraum, Zürich, Obere Zäune 14, Zurich, Switzerland, 8001
English, German - Deutsch and Russian - русский
This event ended on Sun 30 Jun 2024.

This is a series of 5 embodied explorations through the chambers of the heart on the Movement Medicine map:

1. Fear & Awakening (Earth)
2. Anger & Integrity (Fire)
3. Sadness & Surrender (Water)
4. Joy & Gratitude (Air)
5. Compassion & Grace (Ether)

I invite you to a safe, resourced space where you can meet, explore and express these energies in the dance. Not to feel these emotions as intensely as possible or to figure out where they come from, but to strengthen your ability to express them through the body. The body as the Earth, the container for the flow of our emotions. Finding shapes, movements and sounds helps us build stronger river banks, so that when the emotions do come - they have the space and holding to flow through with more ease.

A short video for this offering on Vimeo:

9.6.: Fear & Awakening (Earth)
16.6.: Anger & Integrity (Fire)
23.6.: Sadness & Surrender (Water)
30.6.: Joy & Gratitude (Air)
7.7.: Compassion & Grace (Ether)

Doors open at 10:45
The space is available for sharing tea or lunch (Teilete) after until 14:30

Gesundungsraum, Zürich
Obere Zäune 14
8001 Zürich

Untergeschoss (UG)
Tram stops Kunsthaus/ Neumarkt
15min walk from Hauptbahnhof
Parking is free on Sundays at Obergericht

Price: CHF 22-44 (Sliding scale)
Last session is free if you come to all 5 ❤️

Please reach out for more information - I'm always happy to hear from you!