Ksenia Kucha

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Zurich, Switzerland
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Professional Training 2018
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Formats Offered
Ongoing groups
1-1 work
Online classes

Ksenia Kucha

Movement Medicine is where I find permission for all that I am and endless inspiration for who I may become.

I fell in love with dance and music early in my childhood. They were always my channels for feeling and expressing things that didn't seem to be welcome in "normal life". I remember sitting on a windowsill as a little girl, listening to Michael Jackson and imagining everyone coming out of the Soviet apartment blocks onto the street to join each other in the dance. That was always my dream - of people connecting this way.

I started my journey with Movement Medicine in 2017 and have been an apprentice teacher of indoor classes since 2018, online classes since 2020 and 1-1 work since 2022. It is hugely rewarding to share my love for this practice and my deep love for life through this work!

Personally, I have been dancing with themes of self-acceptance, connection, belonging, power, responsibility, and boundaries. I care deeply about personal integrity, about making the invisible undercurrents visible, and about building bridges between people and cultures. Since 2018 my beautiful son has been both - my most important student and my most relentless teacher.



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