Sat 29 Jun - Sun 30 Jun 2024
Waldorfschule Freiburg St. Georgen, Bergiselstraße 11, Freiburg, Germany, 79111
English (United Kingdom) and German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)
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We talk about ourselves giving away our power, taking back power, self-empowerment, and others being over-powering, or a real powerhouse. In our lives we may feel powerful or powerless. But what do we really mean?

For each of us, our relationship to power steers the course of our life experiences.

During this weekend we will look the subject of power right in the eyes and take the time to see as clearly as we can what our relationship to power is.

We will investigate power through the body, heart and mind. We will seek to find where we are denying or ignoring our power and sending it into the shadows. And we will take the time to release a few old stories that might be in the way of understanding the true nature of our power.

With clear guidance, great music and a safe and clearly held space, we will re-design our connection to power so that it serves us to live more deeply, mindfully, and creatively, bringing balance to our lives.

Being powerful is not only a state of mind. It’s a state of presence through which we can make a positive difference in the world. This weekend workshop will support you to find a more healthy, up to date and intentional relationship to the power you have inside you.