Fri 20 Sep - Sun 22 Sep 2024
7:00 pm (UK Time)
Kirchgemeindehaus Hottingen, Asylstrasse 36, Zürich, 8032
English and German - Deutsch

In shamanic tradition, death is a Master Teacher. A daily awareness of death in life supports us to discover and stay closer to our values and purpose. It makes conversations more real and helps us to see ourselves more clearly. 

We can invite this benevolent form of death to be an ally for us and in doing so, create a deeper experience of life. Knowledge of our impermanence sharpens our focus and helps us to appreciate and seize the day.

At the same time, we are more than Muscle and Bone. Our spirit is strengthened when we dance and is released from the body when we dream. Each time we let go in the dance or when we fall asleep, death is present. Human development includes our sense of Self dying through each stage of life as we evolve. 

During this weekend workshop, we will invite Benevolent Death to be a kind and honest teacher for us. We will enquire into:

  • What needs to die within us whilst we are still living?
  • Through dancing with death, what changes is Death calling us to make?
  • How can we perceive ourselves and live as more than muscle and bone?

On Friday evening we will acknowledge where we are and prepare ourselves for the weekend ahead. On Saturday, we will gather our resources and enquire into our relationship with death. We will dance deeply through our stories about death, taking what we find into ceremony on Sunday. Our aim is to begin a new chapter with our mortality so that death becomes our companion and guide.

. Death dissolves self-importance.

. Death supports us to see things from a higher perspective.

. Death can be a good friend.

When we dance deep and long, all that we cling to can start to fall away. Let spirit dance your body. Experience yourself beyond muscle and bone.