Sun 18 Feb 2024
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (CET)
Anna Sierpowska: Click to Show Email or +48 607460970.
This event ended on Sun 18 Feb 2024.

4 hour workshop. We go carefully through the practice of grounding, connecting to the field of life. We start from experiencing the body as the portal to practice of conscious life. We start from where we are. We start from now.


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🌳 Location: Łódź 18.02.2024 / place: Akademia Body Mental, ul. Łąkowa 11, Łódź / time: 18:30-21:30

🌳 Location: Gdynia / Ogród Kreacji date to be confirmed 

🌳 Location: Wrocław / Bacara date to be confirmed 

🌳 Location: Poznań / date to be confirmed 

🌳 Time: 5pm - 9pm

🌳 Price for the evening: 111 - 222 PLN.

🌳 Discount for female students, college students, single parents, people in financial difficulties: 100 zł

🌳 Contact: Zosia (text message) - 501 019 598 If you have additional questions email [email protected]


Each  Movement Medicine MASTERCLASS is dedicated to a specific practice as we move through Movement Medicine Mandala at each class. Movement Medicine Mandala is our road map.

Following MC are dedicated to the practice of: 

MESA - micro, medio, macro
Tree of Life 
Yin & Yang 
Medicine Wheel 

We invite everyone interested in deepening the contact with themselves and their bodies - heart and free mind.

Through the body, we will practice mindfulness, a state of open mind, of being present in the here and now, when thoughts, ideas and emotions can freely flow and connect.

Practicing this state can improve the quality of our being in relationships and in the world in truth and trust in who I am - here and now