Sun 23 Jun 2024
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm (JST)
Japanese - 日本語
This event ended on Sun 23 Jun 2024.

【Awakening The Dancer ONLINE with Yumiko 】

You can join us at home or anywhere, as long as you have a space of about 2 tatami mats.
Let's connect via cell phone, PC or mobile device and move your body together.
For 90 minutes, we will move our bodies naturally and freely.
Please feel free to join us.

Movement Medicine is a formless movement called "Dancing Meditation".
The body always supports us in our daily lives.
We breathe, walk, lift, eat...
The body moves to accomplish what we want to do, whether consciously or unconsciously.
This is a time to release the body from its "purpose," allow it to move freely, and move.
Why don't you rest the voice of your head and listen to the voice of your body?

Please come and experience "Mindfulness in Movement."

【Date & Time】19:30-21:00(Sunday,23rd June)、19:30-21:00
10 minutes: Opening talk/sharing
75 minutes: Movement Medicine
5 minutes: Sharing and Closing
【Lecturer】Yumiko Kageura (Apprentice Teacher)
Participation fee: 5,000 yen
Preparation:A safe space of at least 2 tatami mats, a zoom connection, water, and comfortable clothes.
Registration & Payment