Fri 18 Oct - Sun 20 Oct 2024
Solution Dance Centre, Cornelis van Uitgeeststraat 4, Zaandam, Netherlands, 1508 EH
Saryo van Lakerveld: Click to Show Email or +31 (0)648152072.

"Put the psyche into motion and it will heal itself" - these are the immortal words of our teacher, Gabrielle Roth. And there is much truth to it. However, the more I learn, observe, teach and practice, I feel how deeply we long to heal, to mend, to grow, to connect, to let go, and yet there's lots in the way.

Wherever you are on your life journey, you are invited to bring your quest to the dance floor. Come and allow the spirit of movement to catalyse your next metamorphosis into who you are becoming. Susannah's support and leadership allows you to experience the transformative and revelatory possibilities of bringing your existential dilemmas onto the dance floor. Sometimes it's raw and emotional, sometimes it's simple and clear, sometimes profoundly joyous. It's all OK. Susannah guides with gentle clarity, respect, warmth and safety so that each one of us can surrender to the dance of our own evolution where truly, movement is medicine.

That is what this workshop is dedicated to creating a space of respect, mutual dignity and support where each dancer feels free to dive deep; to dance deep, do your inner work and listen to the calling of your soul.

Susannah Darling Khan is co-founder of Movement Medicine and has been teaching movement as medicine for 35 years. She has a particular gift for creating the kind of space where the outer field is held firmly and compassionately, and we, therefore, as dancers, are free to take off our protective outer layers let go, and let metamorphosis naturally emerge.

Come and dance deeper!