Fri 28 Jun 2024
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (UK Time)
St John's Church, Totnes, Devon, Devon, United Kingdom
This event ended on Fri 28 Jun 2024.

An in person evening at the Totnes Consciousness Cafe with Susannah Darling Khan to learn, practice and experience the radical and transformative art of embodied listening.

Something different happens when we learn how to hear another with our whole beings and experience being deeply heard ourselves. Something different happens that is magical, healing and offers the potential for unexpected depths of communication, co-creation and communion.

Few of us have been taught this incredibly valuable skill. And it is a game changer for all kinds of relationships: intimate, between friends, family or with fellow professionals.

At the beginning of the Covid lockdown Susannah received a spirit prompt to share what she knew about this aspect of life and help people stay meaningfully connected through the isolations of lockdown. The resultant harvest is available as her accessible online self-study course Embodied Listening. This course draws from her original training as a Gestalt psychotherapist and from the decades long evolution of the deep listening 'support group' modes which are so valued by participants of Movement Medicine.

In making the Embodied Listening course she came down to first principles and opens a path for everyone of compassionate self listening (tuning into and deepening the inner 'Wise Elder' archetype) as well as deep listening and attunement with others.

Find out more: Embodied Listening.

This in person evening In Totnes will be bookable from 7June and will include gentle movement practice to support out embodied awareness, paired exercises to practise embodied listening and Susannah's presentation and sharing about why active emnbdied listening matters so much.