Sun 7 Apr 2024
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm (UK Time)
Kaya Sertic: Click to Show Email.
This event ended on Sun 7 Apr 2024.


At the centre of our work is the symbol of the Phoenix - an invocation of every human being’s possibility to rise from the ashes of what makes us suffer and create new purpose, story and meaning in our lives.

In this recording, Ya'Acov talks about the workshop, offers a mini-embodiment practice to meet the powerful archetypal mythical creature that is the Phoenix, and answers questions.

The Phoenix Process has helped many people around the world to develop the inner power and resources to dance creatively with what life brings and commit to the wonderful endeavour of making their life a unique and constantly evolving work of art.

The Phoenix Process was developed over more than 30 years of study and practice by myself and Susannah. It is a contemporary, embodied, trauma-aware approach to soul retrieval and evolution.

In this hour-long fireside talk, I will share more about what that means, as well as sharing a mini-practice to give you a direct experience of Phoenix Medicine. At the end, there will be time for your questions. 

And, are you among the courageous people that has already completed an in person or online Phoenix? My invitation to you is to consider the Phoenix as an annual rite of passage to the deeper realms of power, presence and purpose. We are offering a further discount to those of you ready to be alongside me again for this core process.

Please come along to the fireside chat - and feel free to share your experience with others.