Fri 21 Jun - Wed 26 Jun 2024
5:00 pm (CEST)
Community Hall, Janjina, Peljesac, Peljesac, Croatia
Croatian - hrvatski and English
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This year once again we are taking our summer (re)treat Into the Wild to another part of the southern coast of Croatia – beautiful Peljeac peninsula.


Majestic green in the inner part,  and beautifully diverse coastline, incredibly blue and clean see and the breathtaking horizon will be our support and allies on our journey.


This year our theme is SOUL MEDICINE – what is it that opens us up, that guides us, nourishes us, turns on our flames towards life, which connects us, brings us in the space of creativity, sensibility, pleasure and beauty in our lives – within us and in connection with those and that which surrounds us.

Soul Medicine is place of contact with our own essence, the core in us that is alive, wild, passionate, juicy, loving, that is loud and quiet, sensual and sexual. It is the contact with the center in us that is both soft and strong, direct and fluid, active and receptive and connected with the flame of life in every one of us,

 In this summer (re)treat we will be using different ancient and contemporary practices to make a strong connection with that part of us. For a moment we will let go of our duties and calls of our usual life roles, so that we could surrender to the practices that nourish us, we could be reminded of who we really are when we are not lost in our everyday life. We will explore how to reach those parts of us now and in the future, how to support them and let them be present more in our lives.

In this year’s (re)treat some of the areas of our focus will be:

 What is Soul Medicine?

What is the taste of my own essence?

What makes me alive?

What nourishes my soul?

How can I connect and surrender more with the flow of life?

What ways of living do I want to include in my everyday life?

How can I connect with others from my essence?

What kind of beauty, passion, and abundance am I calling in my life?

What do I wish to create on my path?

Into the Wild is a call for embodying the juiciness that we are, embodying the beauty of being alive and pleasure of being in connection with yourself and with the world. It is a space of reminder and permission to dissolve old ego stories and beliefs, to experience life in a whole new way and open the path of integrating it into our everyday life.

Into the Wild will be taking place both in the room and outside – in nature, with the emphasis between exploration and enjoyment, in the time of the sessions and outside of them. Our aim is to be in balance with curious inquiry, investigation and process from the place of restful ground and enjoyment.

As a part of (re)treat we will have 2 evening sessions together + 1 day session in nature:

1.     Cacao ceremony, chanting and medicine singing – time community gathering around the fire

2.     Movement Medicine dance ceremony

3.     Vision Quest

We will be using:

 ·     Movement Medicine – contemporary shamanic dance practice

·     Practices of body-oriented psychotherapy

·      Indigenous practices of the Amazon, south and north Americas(dream work, connection through the body with
nature and the living world around us, voice work…)

·      Breathing techniques and specific connection & tantric exercises

·      Music, playing and singing

Who is this for?

This (Re)Treat is open for everybody interested with an experience in some of the embodied spiritual or mindfulness practices, with curiosity and inner call to be on this dance floor, with inner resources of safety needed to integrate expansion and growth into your potential.


We will be working in a big. beautiful Community Hall in Janjina which is located in the middle of Pelješac.


We start on June 21th  at 5pm and finish on June 26th  at 13.00pm.

All sessions on the other days will be from 10.00am to

We will also have two evening sessions.



250€ for application until  April 15th 2024

300€ for application until May 15th 2024

350€ for application after May 15th 2024

It is possible to pay in 3 installments.

Also, there are 3 crew places. Price for the crew is 60% of the retreat depending on the time of application.

If you would like to participate,  but cannot pay the full price, you can contact me via email [email protected], there is 1 supported place available.

All of those who have participated in one or more Into the Wild summer (re)treats have 20% reduction on the price depending on the time of application.

You can apply through application form on the link and paying the nonrefundable 50€ deposit.

Food and accommodation are not included in the price.
There will be one organized dinner in a local restaurant which will be optional.

Location and accommodation:

 Pelješac peninsula is an incredibly rich land full of breathtaking nature, small villages,  one a bit more urban part and many possibilities for accommodation and local cuisine.

Our dance space is located in a small place called Janjina, inside of the island, only about 15 minutes away from the places Trstenik, Potomje and Žuljana - in case you wish to be in a more quiet space, and about 25 minutes from Orebić -in case you are interested to be located in more urban area.

** we will create a FB group in May for your arrangements for transportation and other details

For questions and additional information about the retreat you can contact me at

[email protected].

Here we go again!