Daily until January 12, 2024
7:30 am (GMT)
Petra Bongartz: Click to Show Email.
This event ended on Mon 8 Jan 2024.
Flying Start is a way to begin the year with some momentum, inspiration and ‘feet in your shoes’ as Dr Seuss would say so that you can ‘go places’ in 2024. An invitation to explore some simple movement practices that will
This is for you if
* You want to bring focus and oomph to whatever intentions and plans you have for the new year
* You want to live a more embodied life and awaken your vital energy
* You want to start the year with more connection to yourself, your body and your inner wisdom
* You want to bring energy, inspiration, joy and connection into your days
* You want to nourish your creativity and imagination
* You wish to (re-) energize your movement practice at the start of a new year
Every morning I will offer you different 30 minute guided movement practice. It's a simple but powerful way to inject some energy and joy into the beginning of 2024.
You can buy a 5 day boarding pass for £12 here https://calendly.com/petrabongartz/flyingstart2024
Drop in options will also be available at £4 per session - contact me to book for specific days.
Any questions, get in touch with [email protected]