Petra Bongartz

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
Based in Western Cape, South Africa
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2012
Professional Training 2013
Graduation 2016
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2017
Phoenix CPD 2018
Initiation CPD 2019
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Formats Offered
Ongoing groups
Online classes, workshops, events
Professional mentoring

Petra Bongartz

Petra Bongartz is an experienced Movement Medicine teacher, facilitator and mentor, with a passion for supporting people to connect to their bodies’ innate wisdom to

• grow their capacity to navigate life’s joys and challenges meaningfully
• loosen the grip of stories that keep them stuck in destructive patterns, dampening their aliveness and limiting their freedom of choice
• listen to the conversation between inner and outer nature and remember their belonging to the web of life.
• free up energy, find direction and take responsibility for personal healing so that we can engage in collective change-making

For most of her life, in different contexts and through varying maps, Petra has been fascinated by the question of 'how does change happen?', both in ourselves and in the world. Through her Movement Medicine journey, her engagement with the Work that Reconnects, her previous work with communities, NGOs and governments in Africa, Asia and Europe, and her ongoing studies in the areas of the nervous system and somatic approaches to trauma, Processwork, neuroplasticity and embodied activism, she has followed this thread of interest, exploring how personal healing relates to collective change and how we might move towards a life-sustaining and equitable future for all beings.

Her deep connection to the non-human world is tangible in all of her offerings and you can expect a generous sprinkling of poems throughout her work.

Petra lives in the Garden Route of South Africa where she spends her time hiking, swimming and connecting with all creatures great and small, from snails to elephants, in the wild landscapes that surround her. She loves to read, write, cook and play with music. She continues to study and train in somatic, trauma-informed approaches to healing.

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Petra is calm, present, loving, open, listening, generous, clear - her presence is like sitting in a cool clear stream. She cares deeply and passionately about human thriving and all life on Earth. She has a strong sense of what is needed in the moment and is able to guide gently, firmly, with humour and compassion. - Angie Kotler