Sat 6 Apr - Sun 7 Apr 2024
10:00 am (UK Time)
Kim Kan Studios, 46 Rue des Rigoles, Paris, France, 75020
English and French - français
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Uniting ancient wisdom and evidence based science to tone your nervous system

Movement Medicine is a dance practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from your heart, will deepen your connection to true self, your creativity and your integrity as well as enliven your relationship with life on all levels. It has roots in indigenous shamanic wisdom as well as the latest neuroscience and therapeutic perspectives such as Gestalt. As a Movement Medicine teacher I bring my experience in IFS, Polyvagal and Somatic Experiencing. This weekend workshop will weave Polyvagal inspired simple compassionate guidance, inspiring music and authentic connection in community. Enjoy the medicine of movement, nature and simple ceremony using simple somatic Movement Medicine techniques such as Tree of Life, Elements immersion, Shaking medicine, Dancing with Yin and Yang as well as other Movement Medicine practices for relaxation, energising and balancing.

This is all about meeting these times resourced and self connected,

rather than from a self protective posture.

You will have an immersive learning experience of the deeply informative work of

Movement Medicine® and Polyvagal Theory® developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

  • Learn practical science backed Polyvagal practices to tone your nervous system

  • Explore the deep transformative power of the compassionate witness and the shamanic wisdom of nature's teachings

  • Receive Polyvagal Experiential practice worksheets tailored for this weekend workshop for getting to know and befriending your nervous system

  • Gain exclusive access to an online Resource hub created for this workshop with Polyvagal resources / practices and Movement Medicine guided Practices

Many people who have practiced these techniques say that they feel transformed, and they never would have imagined that something so simple could be so effective.