Mon 24 Mar - Sun 30 Mar 2025
5:00 pm (GMT)
Rill Estate, Colston Rd, Buckfastleigh, Devon, United Kingdom, TQ11 0LW
Claire Limberg: Click to Show Email.

We are very happy to be offering this next level of CPD once again. Ritual is a core aspect of Movement Medicine practice, whether it’s explicit or implicit. One of the things we are proud of is that Movement Medicine ceremonies provide space for the expression of human spiritual longing without asking people to sign up to a creed or set of dogmas.

In this module, we will:

· Check in with where you are in your personal and professional practice with Movement Medicine, including (for those who’ve done it) integration of CPD Level 1 (Heart and SEER).

· Look into our personal stories and histories with ritual in general and Movement Medicine ritual in particular.

· Learn about the basic steps of ritual, which can be applied in different contexts and content, to empower your creation of big and small rituals in your MM work.

· Look into the 9 alchemical steps in Movement Medicine ritual.

· Study each of those steps in more detail such as preparing a group for ritual, invocation, working with the mandala in ritual, and working with the 5 Dimensions in ritual.

· Study the roles of a Leader of ritual using the Long Dance roles as our model.

· Inaugurate you through ritual into this next level of holding space for others in ritual.

There will be time for deep personal enquiry into your personal, familial, and cultural relationship with ceremony, spirituality, and ritual in general. Since ritual is an amplifier of everything in the space you are holding, it becomes even more important to know your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and to be attending to them.

As always, attendance at any module of CPD is not a guarantee of being licensed to teach the next level of the work. Your permission to use the material offered in the module is contingent on all the normal requirements of being a Movement Medicine Professional, alongside what we hope will be a grounded and mutually agreed sense of what you are ready to hold.

Anyone who has completed the Professional Training is free to apply for this module of CPD. However, in most cases, since ritual is so catalytic, we will need you to complete CPD Level 1 (Heart and SEER) the next time it is offered in order to be given permission to lead Movement Medicine ritual. Nevertheless, we are confident you will learn a lot about yourself and your work through the module, regardless of whether you go on to explicitly lead Movement Medicine rituals.

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