Thu 28 Mar - Thu 16 May 2024
6:00 pm (SAST)
Hout Bay, 9 Hunter's Way, Western Cape, South Africa
This event ended on Thu 16 May 2024.

A Movement Medicine journey into the chambers of the heart, through dance, we will embody and discover new pathways to access theses places of deep feeling and ultimately healing.

As we dance with our hearts and awaken the beat that lives within us, we make space to live in a place of our fullness, our truth, our love, our purpose. 

To experience the heights of ecstasy, we need to learn how to lean into the depths of grief. To dance into the realms of grace and compassion we need to meet our edges of fear. To live in a place of joy we need to access our deepest sorrows. 

This 8 week closed group will be the container that allows a deepening and a softening into the places of holding, numbness and protection to allow a gentle opening, a reclamation, an innate trust in our bodies and inherent wisdom. We will move through our layers, with resource that will be cultivated over our time together, to allow a deepening and expansion in a way that is safe and at the pace of our own bodies and nervous system. 

The dance is our teacher and also the great mysterious healer - trusting your movement and the dancer within you, an innate intelligence from the body starts to awaken, making space for the possibility of healing and transformation. Movement is medicine, movement is life. When we clear our vessel and move with what is present, we unlock the natural flow of healing to unfold effortlessly, with trust. 

Our final dance together  will be a longer ceremonial journey of 3 hours, harvesting the medicine that we cultivate over the previous weeks together. 

Are you ready to unlock the alchemy that lives in your heart, your bones, your vessel? 

No prior dance experience is needed. 

Everybody is welcome. 

With love,