Fri 15 Mar - Sun 17 Mar 2024
9:00 pm (GMT)
Via di Sanata Prisca 8, Roma, Italy
English and Italian - italiano
This event ended on Sun 17 Mar 2024.


The 9 Gateways are part of the Movement Medicine™ mandala. They map the landscape in which the human soul develops and evolves throughout life. Each gateway invites an ongoing enquiry that grounds us in what’s true and invites us to reach for what is emergent.

In The 9 Gateways to the Soul workshop, you will:

  • Discover and deepen the resources that support you to ‘dance with life’
  • Be invited to stand up inside yourself, dignified and empowered through the triple-woven intelligence of the body-heart-mind
  • Embody the lightness and creative power of ‘growing up’ and taking responsibility for your life through the arc of time axis of the past-present-future
  • Understand how you dream and co-create the role you play and the harvest this brings through the lateral axis of fulfilment-interconnection-realisation
  • Learn the Movement Medicine Star meditation which supports your direct connection to the unseen forces that guide you
  • Bring this whole exploration into the alchemical alembic of Movement Medicine ceremony

Movement Medicine teaches the alchemical keys to develop the personal power needed to change the story you are telling and update your sense of Self to one of more balanced, dignified, and honest relationship with Self. This naturally ripples out into all your relationships.

“The 9 Gateways are an extremely useful tool for enriching our movement practice and mapping our human development over time. They are divided into three journeys and in my own life, I am consistently aware of how they support me to orientate and dance with whatever life brings. I am glad to share them in this new workshop in the beautiful old town of Freiburg. See you there. “ Ya’Acov Darling Khan