Hannah Mackay's Story

Hannah Mackay
My Movement Medicine Apprenticeship included many investigations and integrations, an exploration of my creativity and my healing practice. Movement Medicine indoors and outdoors. As well as the taught sessions, I curated part of my Apprenticeship...
21 February 2024
9 min read

Nicolas Bernard's story

Nicolas Bernard
After the intense journey between my graduation and the CPD ‘Heart and SEER' with Ya'acov and Susannah and the amazing community of Movement Medicine professionals, I return turned around, dedicated… and full of quiet gratitude…...
21 December 2023
3 min read

Ria Bronte's Story

Ria Bronte
This poem is about a lot of my experiences attending Movement Medicine classes, in particular Susan Dalziel's Monday night class. It’s about how dance helps me process emotions and challenges in my life, become more...
27 October 2023
1 min read

Dorrie Joy's Story

Dorrie Joy
I’ve come home to this dance & mesa and found myself nourished and strengthened, again and again - for over a quarter of my life.  I am proud to have lived and grown alongside this...
13 June 2023
7 min read

Maaianne Knuth's Story

Maaianne Knuth
"If you really want to know about the dance I will have to tell you about the way it changed me slowly but  surely: from very practical aspects of becoming a better horseback rider and...
13 June 2023
11 min read

Vongayi Mashingaidze's Story

Vongayi Ishe Mashingaidze
The Tree People In 2017 I danced "The Arc Of Time” which is a Movement Medicine workshop with Susannah Darling Khan at Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe. During the sharing of the "messages from our ancestors" ...
12 June 2023
4 min read