Yorck Schultz

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Bavaria, Germany
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2019
Professional Training 2022
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Formats Offered
Regular classes in Bavaria (2h)
Workshops (3-6h)
On demand

Yorck Schultz

Yorck is intrigued by the possibilities of dance for self-exploration and healing since 2017. He was studying drama-therapy in Germany when he noticed, that the approach of focusing on the body in psychotherapeutic work, promised most value for him.

Movement Medicine became a settling place for him on a quest to find balance and perspective after a loss in his family which evoked a few years of inner emotional struggle. He continues to share what he has learned with this practice and finds a lot of meaning in this.

His work is also influenced by the practice of lucid dreaming, which he learned around the same time, with the offerings of Charlie Morley.

Since 2021 his main job is being a Montessori Teacher for theatre and english, where he continues to discover what may be well-ressourcing work for the youth in our times.



Upcoming Events

Yorck´s enthusiasm is tangible and wonderfully contagious! In his Movement Medicine classes, I appreciate the heartfelt invitation to be mindful in my body and move through and with the dance. The diverse selection of music inspires and accompanies the exploration of the different themes of Movement Medicine beautifully! These classes are a good place to meet oneself and others. - Sabine Sinhart, practicing and teaching Art and Family Therapist