Tamara Candiracci

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Roma, Italy
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2013
Professional Training 2014
Graduation 2016
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2017
Phoenix CPD 2018
Initiation CPD 2019
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Formats Offered
Weekly classes
Ongoing groups

Tamara Candiracci

Tamara loves dancing.
For her, to dance is to live with greater presence and fullness and co-creating with Life, creating bridges between the lived experience in the safe and secure space of the group and dance, in the dance with Life, where true practice begins...

Contacting the Dancer who inhabits herself, has been and continues to be, a process of deep healing, in relationship with herself and with life, in all its manifestations.

In the dance she found the silence ... when her mind focuses and relaxes into the breath, into the body, the body is free to express itself in movement, the heart can expand and feel, and silence is born.

Simple presence in the here and now. Music, breath, dance. Repeat.

In her personal history, dancing has meant coming home to her body. Inhabiting it cell by cell and slowly discovering that it was a safe place to be, her home in this life. Inhabiting it from within and learning to listen to its deep intelligence, its messages, its peculiar way of communicating, gradually creating a trusting relationship. She recognizes its great intelligence and resilience, its ability to adapt and the movement toward healing.

She loves to create bridges between people and different worlds. She has been working with Doctors Without Border since 2006 and in her offer, it is present a combination of being and doing. With her passion and commitment for social justice.
Her mantra are:
Be the chance you want to see in the world.
Knowledge is only rumor, until it is in the muscles, Unknown Papua New Guinea.

She has been teaching a weekly class in Rome for 8 years.

Holds regular ongoing group and online spaces.

Upcoming Events

When I started coming to MarteBeat I was fulfilling the need to dance freely. And at first there 'was just that. Then gradually I realized where I was, with what people, in what a special group, and I began to open up to the exchange. And it was always a little bit at a time that I realized that there was more than just dancing, and then sharing, but that a path of growth was taking shape because of Movement Medicine . For me now, dance with you is DANCE, FREEDOM, JOY, SHARING and a PATH of little seeds of AWARENESS - Carlotta