Rita Mulorz

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
Based in Roetgen, Germany
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2018
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Professional Training 2021
Formats Offered

Rita Mulorz

Dancing was her lifelong passion.

She explored various styles, including Greek folk dance, Gypsie Dance and belly dancing.

Through 5Rhythms, she discovered to follow her impulses and create her own dance, experiencing both joy and the healing potential of this practice over the decades.

In 2016, she attended a workshop with Susannah Darling Khan in Movement Medicine and found her home as a dancer. After a 30-year career as a primary school teacher, her retirement allowed her the freedom to dive deep into the Movement Medicine practice.

The profound enrichment Movement Medicine brought to her life inspired her to share the practice with others.

Now she creates and holds space for women, encouraging them to embrace their own dance and reconnect with their inner resources.

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