Meredith Marks

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Budapest, Hungary
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2018
Professional Training 2021
Formats Offered
1-1 sessions

Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks combines her background in architecture, arts, permaculture and community development with her years of experience practicing indigenous and natural healing methods for a unique, holistic healing approach that spans individual and community life.

She believes in the perfect intelligence of the body, and that dance is a potent pathway to heal personal and collective wounds. Her particular interests as a teacher include issues of social and cultural identity, trauma healing, and rediscovering our personal power as agents of positive change in the Web of Life.

Originally from New York, she is now based in Budapest, Hungary, exploring how to incorporate her growing understanding of the land and story of her ancestors into her healing approach now.

Upcoming Events

In 2022, I attended a workshop series by Meredith while supporting my mom after chemotherapy. Those couple of months were a sort of initiation process. Creating my own rituals allowed me to stay on the surface of heavy currents. In one memorable movement session, I felt myself as a child that I carried within. I never imagined this, but I think of myself as an adult since. It was so healing to witness Meredith hold space for all our unique issues, to see the group surpass their limits as they were accepted and encouraged. - Judit Kis, artist